Incident Automation

Fully Equipped to Take on Today's Challenges...

  • Software Defined Everything
  • Connected Devices
  • Increased Complexity
  • Hybrid & Multi Cloud
  • Differentiated & Innovative Offerings
  • Need for Higher Customer Satisfaction
  • Demand for Increased Profitability
  • Faster Time to Market
  • Demands for Agility & Efficiency
  • Shrinking Budgets
  • Reduced Headcount
  • Always Available

Rapid Response and Resolution of Incidents in...


Addressing All Incident Types

Softility's Incident Automation solution works in tandem with in-place ticketing, monitoring, and SIEM systems, allowing your business to capitalize on your existing investments.

Front line Service Desk, NOC, and SOC agents can diagnose and resolve incidents without the need for escalation to expensive SMEs and Engineers. This results in:

  1. Significant reduction in operational costs
  2. Seamless response and resolution of incidents in critical business operations
  3. Free up resources for strategic initiatives
  4. Reduce tickets by up to 85%

Incident Automation addresses all types of incidents and infuses self-remediating capabilities across systems and processes them through an intelligent closed-loop automation functionality.

  • Complex Business Service Incidents
  • Service Incidents
  • Resource Incidents
  • Simple, Repetitive Incidents
  • Extreme Risk
  • Multi-Vector Attacks
  • Resource Intensive Triage
  • Simple, Repetitive Incidents

Tried-and-True Integrated Approach

Softility's automation expertise is driven by our integrated approach to harness the power of data across multiple organizational segments.

It takes a holistic approach that takes into account every facet of your business: sales, operations, network, security, cloud, IT, and Service Management. Each of these individual components harmonizes with the larger core function of automation to help your organization attain long-term success, growth, and profitability.

Benefits of Softility's Incident Automation

Eliminate Downtime
Reduce Operational Costs
Leverage Current Investments
Improve Processes and Workflows
Reduce Tickets by up to 85%
Free Up Resources for Strategic Initiatives