Digital Service Management

Transform Business to IT Interaction from a transaction to an experience, and make ITSM relevant for the digital age

New generation businesses leverage technologies to shape their business offerings that transcend day-to-day lives by offering superior quality of service and a great customer experience. Today's workforce and users demand a similar experience from the IT organization. In addition, business groups look at the IT organization more as an innovation driver, than as a passive support group offering siloed services. Organizations must look at the changing needs of the business and ensure their Service Management initiatives are digitally aligned and positioned to transform into Digital Service Management. It must become the catalyst in an organization's digital transformation. In partnership with ServiceNow, Softility's Digital Service Management solution does exactly that.

We have developed a Service Management approach around the ServiceNow platform, that is, both process and experience driven. We believe each organization's Service Management and Delivery goals are unique and that a “one tool fits all” approach will not work. We take ITSM and ITIL based best practices, coupled with Softility's developed custom workflows and methodologies, to deliver Service Management solutions that are applicable across the breadth of the organization. Over the years we have developed a method to measure process and technology adoption of Service Management processes and platforms. We use that as a benchmark to determine the success of a Service Management initiative. We leverage Analytics and Insights in assessing the true value of a process, integration, and overall adoption to transform a legacy Service Management offering into a new generation Digital Service Management experience.

With proven and deep expertise in implementing IT Service Management and ITIL based solutions over the last 10+ years, Softility is an authority in implementing and managing critical ITSM processes such as Incident, Problem, Change, Release, Configuration and Asset Management. We deeply understand the changing technology landscape and we are your true partners in meeting the demands of the new digital era—and in implementing and enhancing Service Management platforms that are relevant for this age.

The Benefits of Softility's Digital Service Management for your Business

Proven ServiceNow Partner
ITIL Compliant Solutions
Best-in-class Process Consulting
Decade+ of Implementation Experience
Customer Business Process and Application Development
Vendor Agnostic 3rd Party Integration Experience
Innovation Driven Solutions
Senior Level Team with a Deep Consulting History

The Anatomy of Softility's Digital Service Management


An Expert Team

The Softility team has more than 20+ years of proven expertise. We are known as an industry leader in the space of data, network, automation, cloud, and security operations. Headquartered in Herndon, VA, with offices in Hyderabad, India, we have a workforce with proven credentials in the digital technology space, serving dozens of national and international organizations in both the public and private sectors.

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A Proven Methodolgy

We follow a phased approach in delivering our digital services to ensure customers are getting the best business outcome from technology at an optimized cost. We combine decades of experience in delivering large-scale, turn-key enterprise solutions to build a methodology that ensures our customers become digitally agile in a proven, measurable, and cost-efficient manner.

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