Data Engineering

We engineer and design data architectures to enable Operations teams to move from instinct-driven to data-driven decision making.

Today's hybrid architectures and dynamic infrastructure components generate data at a break-neck speed; data that is vast, complex and heterogeneous with hidden insights and valuable references that can enable quicker decision making if processed and presented in the right fashion. Yet, the vast majority of operations, take a very legacy approach of handling or using this vast amounts of data in aiding their operations. These legacy models use strict rule based criteria, that was originally meant for mostly static environments, and as a result, throw or archive away heaps of data that otherwise could be business impacting. At Softility, we help Operations teams gain a competitive edge, by leveraging data and thereby contribute to reduced costs and improved customer satisfaction.

Capturing, processing, storing, analyzing and presenting data is challenging. Even more challenging is providing the operational context—adding dimensions to data to speed up decision making and adoption of automation. With years of data engineering experience, Softility helps organizations harness the power of data, that would otherwise be thrown away. We employ a structured process involving data pipelines, data lakes, and advanced analytical processing.

Our focus is on identifying, extracting and loading multi-dimensional structured, unstructured, and poly-structured data from various sources. The goal of Data Engineering is to swiftly and seamlessly bring all relevant operational data into the overall data engineering framework. With experience building large, scalable, and highly available data lakes, Softility designs and delivers vast storehouses of data from multiple operational conduits and channels. This central, unadulterated data is stored for heterogenous forms that external analytics and automation tools will depend upon. Data Lakes receive inputs from the data pipeline and engineering component in a raw, unfiltered form. Data cleansing, transformation and enrichment are then performed during this stage, bringing the data into a clear focus and provide context, so that the analytics and data science teams can apply techniques to bring out key insights.

The Benefits of Sofility's Data Engineering Service

Democratize Operational Data
Provides Real-time Data Aggregation
Enable Data-driven Decision-making
Secure and Reliable Data Streams
Unlock the Value of Operational Data
Addresses Governance, Security, and Risk Assessment
Enables You to be More Responsive

An Expert Team

The Softility team has more than 20+ years of proven expertise. We are known as an industry leader in the space of data, network, automation, cloud, and security operations. Headquartered in Herndon, VA, with offices in Hyderabad, India, we have a workforce with proven credentials in the digital technology space, serving dozens of national and international organizations in both the public and private sectors.

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A Proven Methodolgy

We follow a phased approach in delivering our digital services to ensure customers are getting the best business outcome from technology at an optimized cost. We combine decades of experience in delivering large-scale, turn-key enterprise solutions to build a methodology that ensures our customers become digitally agile in a proven, measurable, and cost-efficient manner.

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