Data Engineering

Instinct-Driven to Data-Driven Decision Making

Legacy Approaches No Longer Work

Today's hybrid architectures and dynamic infrastructure components generate data at a break-neck speed; data that is vast, complex and heterogeneous with hidden insights and valuable references that can enable faster decision making if processes and presented in the right fashion.

Legacy models use strict rule based criteria—built for static environments that no longer exist. Businesses must move far away from this model.

At Softility, we help operations teams gain a competitive edge by leveraging data resulting in significant cost reduction and improved customer satisfaction.

Softility Enables Operations Teams to...

Capture Data
Process Data
Analyze Data
Present Data
Provide Operational Context

All Data Within Operations is Powerful

Softility helps organizations harness the power of data, that would otherwise be thrown away or missed. We employ a structured process involving data pipelines, data lakes, and advanced analytical processing.

The goal of Data Engineering is to swiftly and seamlessly bring all relevant operational data into the overall data engineering framework. Softility designs and delivers vast storehouses of data from multiple operational conduits and channels. This central, unadulterated data is stored in heterogenous forms that external analytics and automation tools will depend on. Data Lakes receive inputs from the data pipeline and engineering component in a raw, unfiltered form.

In the end, ALL data is brought into clear focus provided with context, so that the analytics and data science teams can apply techniques to bring out key insights.

Benefits of Sofility's Data Engineering Services

Democratize Operational Data
Real-Time Data Aggregation
Data-Driven Decision Making
Secure & Reliable Data Streams
Enjoy Operational Context
Enables teams to be more responsive