Cloud Operations

Ensure Performance, Security and Cost Optimization of Multi-Cloud Environments

Cloud Transformation is a Progression...

In order to leverage the cloud correctly, organizations must be able to think and act strategically—rather than getting tied up with day-to-day operational and performance issues.

Leveraging the cloud's resources is equally important, bringing together its features and services to the right business and technology component to eliminate waste.

With Softility's Cloud Operations Services, we ensure the performance, security, and cost optimization of your Cloud through a combination of our own developed tools, our certified engineers, and our years of experience.


Our goal is to create proactive incident & problem management for your cloud. Your team will gain the ability to identify trends, anomalies and patterns—providing context to proactively communicate and resolve issues.


We provide 24x7x365 support to ensure security, governance and compliance. We offer weekly audits on your environment to identify vulnerabilities and issues, and then fix them.


We focus on the areas of resource sizing, concurrency, end user, and application response times, scalability and performance. This ensures a high degree of efficiency and a significant reduction in Cloud operations costs.

Benefits of Softility's Cloud Services

Proactive Cloud Managed Services
Reduce Operational and Service Costs
Improve Efficiency and Minimize Risk
Maintain Compliance and Configuration
Ensure Proper Disaster Recovery and Mitigation
Optimal Performance and Capacity