Cloud Operations

Make your cloud migration ROI a reality with Softility's Cloud Operations Services

Next-generation cloud management services using Softility's Sage™ solution to ensure performance, security and cost optimization of your AWS environment.

We understand cloud transformation is a progression. It is important for organizations to continue to leverage and innovate in the cloud to stay ahead of competition. To be able to leverage the cloud optimally, organizations must be able to think and act strategically, rather than getting tied up with day-to-day operational and performance issues. Also important is leveraging cloud resources cost-effectively, bringing together cloud features and services to the right business and technology component to eliminate waste. With Softility's Cloud Operations services, we ensure performance, security, and cost optimization of your AWS cloud through a combination of Softility developed cloud management tools, our certified cloud engineers/architects, and our years of experience managing complex IT environments.

The Benefits of Softility's Cloud Services

Proactive Cloud Managed Services
Minimize Cloud Expenditures
Optimal Performance and Capacity
Improve Efficiency and Minimize Risk
Reduce Operational and Service Costs
Maintain Compliance and Configuration
Ensure Proper Disaster Recovery and Mitigation

Performance Performance

Our 24x7 cloud operations team takes care of day-to-day operational issues and requests within your cloud environment. This will include provisioning and advanced monitoring, leveraging metrics and IT operational analytics technologies as well as performance data, to create proactive incident and problem management for your cloud. By leveraging Softility's analytics solutions, the cloud operations team gains the ability to identify trends, anomalies and patterns in cloud performance and availability, providing a context to proactively act, communicate, and resolve infrastructure issues. In addition, our cloud operations team identifies and addresses recurring incidents with our zero-touch automation technology.

Security Security

Softility's cloud security operations eases the workload on your security team by becoming an extension of the security monitoring team. We provide a continuous cloud security monitoring service that is 24x7x365 to ensure security, governance and compliance. We help customers in ensuring their cloud architectures and deployments are secure and compliant, and meeting all requirements, such as access control, data protection, data recovery, audit trails, business continuity and disaster recovery, logging, and more. We offer daily or weekly audits on your cloud environment to identify security vulnerabilities and issues, and then remediate them. We offer a daily report on the state of the infrastructure from a security standpoint, along with a recommendation report for security optimizations.

Optimize Optimization

Identifying and migrating workloads to the cloud in a timely fashion is half the battle. The other half lies in ensuring the cloud resources are used in a cost-efficient way that eliminates waste and preserves resources for driving innovation and increasing ROI. Over the years, we have seen that legacy infrastructure habits spill into the cloud design and architecture, where user teams end up overprovisioning resources to be prepared for the unforeseen spike in resource demand. This cautious approach, while well intended, can be expensive and can starve teams and organization from the necessary monetary resources in expanding and innovating in the cloud. Softility's cloud optimization services take a multi-faceted approach to ensuring that capacity meets the demand precisely, not more, not less. Softility focuses on the areas of resource sizing, concurrency, end user, and application response times, scalability, and performance. This ensures a high degree of efficiency and reduced cloud costs.

An Expert Team

The Softility team has more than 20+ years of proven expertise. We are known as an industry leader in the space of data, network, automation, cloud, and security operations. Headquartered in Herndon, VA, with offices in Hyderabad, India, we have a workforce with proven credentials in the digital technology space, serving dozens of national and international organizations in both the public and private sectors.

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We follow a phased approach in delivering our digital services to ensure customers are getting the best business outcome from technology at an optimized cost. We combine decades of experience in delivering large-scale, turn-key enterprise solutions to build a methodology that ensures our customers become digitally agile in a proven, measurable, and cost-efficient manner.

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