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The game has changed. The increasing complexities and pressures of digital business transformation are forcing companies to reconsider how they guarantee infrastructure and application performance. Demands for faster, always-on business services, coupled with exponential growth in data and complex hybrid architectures, means IT, Network, Cloud, and Security operations are noisier, more complex, and time-consuming. There are critical considerations and issues which businesses must respond to and address. Companies need help. They need an Artificial Intelligence for IT Network Operations (AIOps) system and a provider who can ensure consistent Quality of Experience (QOE).

In today's digital universe, monitoring and optimizing performance in a rapidly changing technology landscape—and software-defined everything (SDX) environment—is challenging. The need for effective, streamlined network/service/customer assurance is paramount. Businesses need a 360° view of the full network, IT, and application stack to avoid the risk of service disruptions, increased churn rates, and the potential pitfalls from moving to hybrid and/or software-based IT network architectures. At Softility, we know how important it is to deliver a real-time, end-to-end view of IT and network activity across data centers, cloud, and the legacy and new virtual networks. We are able to address these issues holistically by modernizing service assurance in the age of digital transformation with the help of Artificial Intelligence for IT Network Operations (AIOPS). Softility is your go-to partner.

Why choose Softility as your AIOPS Implementation Partner?

Vendor Agnostic AIOPS Solutions
Softility's Proven REFINE Implementation Methodology
Purpose Built Extensions and Integrations
Industry Recognized & Award Winning Team
Packaged Solutions for Rapid Implementation and Quicker ROI
20+ Years of Combined Experience

Softility's Proven REFINE™ Method


The success of an AIOps product depends heavily on the quality and context of data that is fed to the system. Without this, an AIOps solution is a just a new-user experience, fronted legacy-monitoring solution. At Softility, with our decades of experience in the monitoring space, we have developed our proprietary REFINE™ method that allows us to identify, retrieve, transform, and add contextual dimensions to data, enabling AIOps technologies to perform their jobs better and faster. This translates into better efficiencies, increased productivity, higher ROI, and sustainable solutions that keep pace with innovation.

Envisage™ Visualization Platform

We make it is easy to visualize and assess multi-purpose data that was previously disjointed and siloed. Our Envisage™ visualization platform brings everything into clear focus: operations, business segments, dev ops, reporting, auditing, and customer activity. With our Envisage™ visualization platform, we enable operations teams to gain intelligence from AIOps tools and also speed the process of providing feedback to the system to improve results and predictions.

An Expert Team

The Softility team has more than 20+ years of proven expertise. We are known as an industry leader in the space of data, network, automation, cloud, and security operations. Headquartered in Herndon, VA, with offices in Hyderabad, India, we have a workforce with proven credentials in the digital technology space, serving dozens of national and international organizations in both the public and private sectors.

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A Proven Methodolgy

We follow a phased approach in delivering our digital services to ensure customers are getting the best business outcome from technology at an optimized cost. We combine decades of experience in delivering large-scale, turn-key enterprise solutions to build a methodology that ensures our customers become digitally agile in a proven, measurable, and cost-efficient manner.

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