Today's Operations Leaders Face New Challenges

Out With The Old...

Myriad Monitoring Tools
Legacy Technology
Difficulty Scaling
Not Future Ready
Manual Process Driven
Lack of Analytics

...In With The New

Big Data
Cloud Computing
Internet of Things
AI/Cognitive Learning

Legacy Monitoring Scenario

Alert & Ticket Fatigue
Poor SLAs
High Operational Costs
Rigid Processes

A Real-time, End-to-end View

Monitoring and optimizing performance in a rapidly changing technology landscape—and software-defined everything (SDX) environment—is challenging. The need for effective, streamlined network/service/customer assurance is paramount. Businesses need a 360° view of the full network, IT, and application stack to avoid the risk of service disruptions, increased churn rates, and the potential pitfalls from moving to hybrid and/or software-based IT network architectures.

At Softility, we know how important it is to deliver a real-time, end-to-end view of IT and network activity across data centers, cloud, and the legacy and new virtual networks. We are able to address these issues holistically by modernizing service assurance in the age of digital transformation with the help of Artificial Intelligence for IT Network Operations (AIOPS).

Softility's Proven REFINE Method

Successful AIOPS depends heavily on the quality and context of data that is fed into the system. With decades of experience in the monitoring space, we developed our proprietary REFINE method:

Our Next-Gen Solution Provides...

Rapid Root-Cause Analysis

Operations Teams are able to quickly understand the root-cause of a problem resulting in rapid remediation.

Smarter Alarms

Ability to learn from data across tools and identify events that do not follow an expected pattern.

Noise Reduction and Correlation

Eliminates redundant alerts and automatically correlates them to simplify the resolution process.

Predictive Analysis of Outages

Avoid or be better prepared for service outages and reduce noise.

Intelligent Automation

Leverage intelligent insights to trigger processes in automation and other tools for faster, automated remediation.

Agile Detection and Remediation

Solve complex issues by proactively detecting and remediating them before they impact your business.