Case Study: Government

Eliminate siloed tools, and gain a deep unified view into hybrid cloud environments

The Customer

The customer is the technology arm of one of the top 10 cities in the world and is responsible for overseeing and driving innovation, delivery and usage of emerging technology in government operations and thereby delivering top quality services to the city's public. The customer is responsible for maintaining the core IT infrastructure, systems and services that several of the city agencies consume and depend on in delivering their services to the City residents, businesses, employees and visitors.


The customer was largely a data center centric environment until about a year ago, and used a number of different monitoring tools and processes that have grown over the years of implementing various vendor solutions to meet the needs of various groups and city agencies. About a year ago, the customer leadership made a decision to move to a hybrid cloud architecture, that involved a combination of multiple public clouds and their own data centers. This created a challenge, since the existing monitoring tools and technologies in place were built predominantly for a data center type of environment and wouldn't meet the needs and demands of a hybrid cloud environment. On top of it, several of the tools currently implemented are siloed and provided a single functionality restricting end to end visibility of services that are delivered.

Top Challenges

Softility Solution

Using its deep expertise in the hybrid cloud space, Softility was able to help customer design a strategy of moving from their legacy monitoring tool set to a new generation, unified monitoring solution to provide deep visibility into all areas of the customer infrastructure across their hybrid cloud environment. Softility has conducted detailed workshops, analysis sessions and developed a roadmap in helping the customer transition from a legacy, siloed monitoring solution into a unified, end-to-end monitoring platform. After careful planning, Softility was able to implement the unified monitoring solution and in a phased approach was able to transition the end users into the new platform, while sunsetting theolder tools and platforms. The result is the customer operations teams and end customers have one go to tool for all of their monitoring and event management needs for all infrastructure, applications and services across the customer's hybrid cloud architecture.


  • ~70% reduction in annual operations costs on the monitoring tools
  • Replaced 13 monitoring tools with a single unified monitoring platform
  • Single monitoring platform for all groups -server, storage, cloud, network, storage etc.
  • Improved mean time to resolution by ~45%
  • Gained visibility into cloud environments such as AWS, Azure and GCP